Emergency Services


Willow Fire Department:

Mile 64.5 Parks HWY
PO Box 177
Willow, AK 99688

Phone: (907) 861-8342

Caswell Fire Department:

19631 E. East Deep Woods Way
Willow, AK 99688

Phone: (907) 495-4960

Willow Fire Station 12-1

Willow Fire Station 12-2

Willow Ambulance Station 12-3

Willow Fire Station 12-4

Willow Fire Station 12-5

Willow Fire Station 12-6

Caswell Fire Station 13-1

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Stations & Locations

Station Name Location Service Area
12-1 Mile 69, Parks Hwy. Willow
12-2 Hatcher Pass Willow
12-3 Willow Creek Pkwy. Willow
12-4 Four Mile Rd. Willow
12-5 Shirley Lake Dr. Willow
12-6 Mile 64.5 Parks Hwy. Willow
13-1 East Deep Woods Way Caswell

Fire Chief:  Victor Snell

Fire Service Area Maps

The Matanuska-Susitna Borough provides interactive maps to inform the public and determine the Fire Public Protection Classification (PPC) for properties within the Borough. Users can search by address, road name, or subdivision to locate the property in question. Find your Fire Service Area, closest Fire Station, the distance to the closest Fire Station and the PPC rating for a selected property.