Homesteader Events

Entry Fee: $2 for each event

Age Restriction: 18+ years old

Event Details:

Broadly defined, homesteading is a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. At the Willow Winter Carnival, homesteaders compete to prove their self-sufficiency and skill with wood chopping tools.

  • Chainsaw Event – Make 3 slices through a log placed in a brace. Best time wins.
  • Swede Saw – 1 slice through the log. Fastest time wins.
  • Crosscut Saw – 1 slice through the log. Best time wins. This is a 2 person saw so you must have a partner. This has 3 competition categories: Men, Women and Co-ed.
  • Axe Throw – Yes, we throw axes in Willow! Throw 3 at a target. Add up the points from the target rings and the most points win. We don’t want to chop anyone’s hands off so you do get 1 practice throw.
  • Wood Chop – Use the axe to completely chop through a log. Fastest time wins.

Awards: For each event, compete to win in the Men’s or Women’s categories. Or, prove your homesteading excellence and participate in all 5 events to compete for the Best Overall trophy. First place finishers in each category win $50!

Award ceremony is at 1:30 PM on Sunday, January 27th in the Main Hall at the Community Center.

Willow King and Queen

Vote Now for the 59th Annual Willow State Winter Carnival King & Queen


2020 King and Queen Nominees

Garret and Tiffany Davidson
Garret is a Captain with the Caswell/Willow Fire Depts. and organizes Fire Safety days for the elementary school annually. He has regularly volunteers for Winter Carnival and other community events. Tiffany has been instrumental in PTA activities including leading fund raising projects and holiday events for the kids. She volunteers to support the Fire Dept. and the Winter Carnival each year. Garret and Tiffany are known for the countless times they have offered a helping hand to their neighbors and members of the community throughout the year.

Steve and De Wilcenski
Steve and De Wilcenski live in the area of the current ice jam and flooding disaster. They have been working tirelessly to support their neighbors, They have worked diligently to keep channels of communication open and get essential information to their neighbors under difficult circumstances, They have helped getting supplies for them by taking trips by sled over trails. This has been a difficult time and Steve and De have stepped up to help the Willow community in the true Alaskan spirit.

2019 King & Queen

Sharlene Stephens and Jason Crockett

Cast Your Vote

Pick up a ballot or print your ballot at home and drop it in the ballot cans at any of these 4 locations:

  • Newman’s Hilltop Service,
  • Roni’s Deli
  • Willow Library
  • Willow Post Office
  • Willow Trading Post

Voting is open until Friday, January 17th, 2020.

Thank you for helping continue this Willow tradition of recognizing those who have contributed to our community!

Carnival Outhouse Race

How Fast is Your Outhouse?

FIND OUT on JANUARY 25th at 1:00 PM
Willow Community Center

Build an outhouse (see official rules).

Gather your team of 4 racers (one rides on the throne).

Push, pull or drag it to your moment of glory.

Sponsored By:

Cash Prizes

1st Place – $200
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place – $50

Who Can Build the Best and Race the Fastest Outhouse?
2020 Official Outhouse Race Rules

Registration: At WACO booth in the Main Hall of the Community Center

Entry Fee: $5

Age Restrictions: Must be at 16+ years old with at least 1 team member 18+ years old. If under 18 must have a permission slip signed by their parent or legal guardian to participate.

Race Rules:

  1. Teams of 4 people. All members must sign a liability waiver.
  2. The team may consist of family members, friends, a business, club or organization.
  3. One team member must ride inside “Outhouse”, seated on a seat.
  4. No animals or motorized parts are permitted on the “Outhouse” or may be used to help move the structure.
  5. The “Outhouse” may not be carried at any time during the race – it must remain on the ground.
  6. Upon reaching the half waypoint teams will be stopped at a designated line. The rider in the “Outhouse” will open the door, run to a trash can and deposit, ONE AT A TIME, empty tissue rolls. Upon depositing the last roll and then the bag the rolls were in, the rider must return to his/her “Outhouse”, sit down and close the door securely before the team can continue to the finish line.
  7. All team members and the complete “Outhouse” (all parts and pieces included) must be across the finish line to complete the race.

Design Specs:

  • 3 walls and a door
  • Roof and floor
  • Seat – for the rider to sit on. Must be attached to the outhouse
  • Tall enough that rider can stand up straight
  • No more than 6″ x 6″ cut out for a window or design
  • May be constructed out of the material of your choice
  • May be mounted on wheels or skis
  • Outside design and decoration that you desire.


  1. 1st place – $200 and bragging rights for 2019!!!
  2. 2nd place – $100 and the flavor of almost 1st place … until next year.
  3. 3rd place – $50 and … at least you tried.
  4. Most Unique Design – wins a trophy.