Nancy Lake Station 12-6

Station 12-6 is located at mile 64.5 of the Parks Hwy at Nancy Lake. It was built as part of a program to improve the Fire Service Area's capabilities with warm storage buildings housing a water tender and engine so the majority of residents in the area are located within 5 miles of a station. Station 12-6 was the second of these stations built in 2015 and it was commisioned in spring of 2016.

Station 12-6 houses Engine 12-6-1, on the right. It is a 1985 Grumman Firecat 1500gpm pumper with a 750gal water tank. Pumper Tender 12-6-1, on the left, is a 1992 Autocar with a 13 speed manual transmission to help it negotiate the hilly Hatcher Pass road. It has a 2800gal water tank and is equiped with a 1250gpm pump.

Adjacent to the warm storage building is a building housing the administrative offices of the Willow Fire Department. The building has offices for the department officers, exercise equipment for firefighters and a classroom/meeting room that can be used by both the fire department and the residents of Willow.