Crystal Lake Station 12-5

Station 12-5 is located at the corner of Shirley Lake Drive and Crystal Lake Road. It was the first station built as part of a program to improve the Fire Service Area's capabilities with warm storage buildings housing a water tender and engine so the majority of residents in the area are located within 5 miles of a station. Station 12-5 was opened in 2015. Station 12-5 is a little different in that it now houses 2 pumper tenders and is the only one of the new warm storage builings without underground water storage.

Pumper Tender 12-5-1, on the left is a 1989 Ford with a 1250gpm pump and 2000 gallons of water. It has many of the capabilities of an Engine but because of its tank size is classified as a Tender. Pumper Tender 12-5-2, on the right, is a 1975 Ford all wheel drive with a PTO type pump so it is capable of moving while pumping water. It's pump is rated at 500gpm and the tank is around 2500 gallons. It is equiped with a turret on top of the cab which leads to it's name of "Ed's Rolling Gun". The turret can be operated from inside the cab by the driver. T12-5-2 was used extensively on the Sockey Fire because of its pump and roll capabilities and all wheel drive drivetrain allowing it to move down narrow unimproved roads while wetting down the area adjacent to the road.