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The Willow comprehensive plan passed the Mat-Su Borough Assembly unanimously at the August 20, 2013 meeting!

Comprehensive Planning Doc 2013 for editing by Sue Morgan and presentation at WACO Community General Meeting 3/4/2013 This is the Original WACO Draft Comp Plan as found at the Mat-Su Borough website.

Notes and History Below:

Emerson Krueger is planning on attending the Regular February 2013 WACO Meeting to help in any way that he can. Edit 2/11/2013: Emerson did not make it to the WACO General Meeting. Board Chairman, Andy Anderson, said that we will have the document discussed at future meetings and stated that the document is a living document. We can go through the document chapters. There is also another general comment period that is to start that will be mailed out.

Meeting January 3, 2013: No Quorum.


1. Attendance noted on sign-in sheet.

Planning Team Members

  • Larry Jacobson
  • Dean Davidson
  • Ed McCain
  • Donna Quante
  • Bruce Wade
  • Charles Wood
  • Bobbie Lewis
  • Bob McCain
  • Byron Elzig
  • Also Emerson Krueger, MSB Planner.

2. Two changes were requested to the meeting notes from November 1, 2012. The Plan language regarding the relocation of the Iditarod Headquarters was amended.

3. Public Comment Period: none.

4. A team member brought up the need for the plan to address the business model of supplying substandard housing for rent.

5. Team members identified and discussed the following comments for the team to address before sending the Plan to WACO for review and approval:

a. Comment #235: A sentence was added noting that economic development has occurred outside the town center.

b. Comment #562, 339: The reviewed and amended the language supporting relocation of the Iditarod Headquarters to Willow.

c. Comment #937: The Hazard Mitigation Chapter was corrected to note the Community Center is the emergency shelter.

d. Comment #1013: The Implementation Chapter now includes a bypass project under transportation.

e. Comment #45: The team felt that there was enough about future jobs already in the plan.

f. Comment #142, 38: Discussed how there is already strong language about preserving the character of Willow in part by supporting dense development in the town center as a way to keep the large lots outside of the town center.

g. Comment #851: The team added language about a train station in Willow.

h. Comment #149, 150: The team will refine the note to the reader at the next meeting to highlight the nature of the plan and the difference between it and a law or regulation.

i. Comment #344: A change was made to reflect the fact that the winter trails in the Willow Trails Plan are not managed recreation areas.

j. Comment #873: Add some language to "maximize community benefit and local hire during infrastructure projects and ROW clearing.

k. Comment #1003: The team added stronger language supporting a VocEd or TechEd school in Willow.

l. Comment #923: The team agreed that there is no way to achieve park land on all lakes to cover the crash zones of floatplanes.

6. Team member comments: A team member wants to see more Land Use Implementation actions..

7. The next Willow Planning Team meeting will be January 3rd, 6:30pm, Willow Community Center.


1. Attendance noted on sign-in sheet.
Planning Team Members

  • Larry Jacobson
  • Dean Davidson
  • Ed McCain
  • Donna Quante
  • Bruce Wade
  • Charles Wood
  • Norm Wakeman
  • Mike Frahm
  • Byron Elzig
  • Mary Shreves
  • Also Steve Charles signed attendance sheet, and Emerson Krueger, MSB Planner.

2. One change was noted to the meeting notes from May 3, 2012.

3. Public Comment Period:

a. Steve Charles complimented the Willow planning team for their dedication on seeing the plan through to completion.He supported the team's decision to focus their efforts on the public comments.

4. The team voted to each select three comments to specifically address in the plan in time to forward the plan to WACO for their review in February.

5. Several team members identified comments for the team to begin addressing:

a. Comment #242: Lions Club will be spelled correctly.

b. Comment #194: Willow has two gas stations.

c. Comment #349: The team discussed the costs of burying power lines and how it is not realistic given the size of the Willow area to consider recommending buried power lines.

d. Comment #284: The team discussed the generous usage of "encouraging" implementation of the goals in the plan. It was generally agreed that the team intended to encourage instead of require or direct compliance with the

Sent Email 10/5/2012:

Cancelled: 10/4/12 Willow Planning Team Meeting - Lack of Quorum

Willow Planning Team Members,

We called and emailed the planning team this afternoon to verify presence of at least eight team members (a quorum).

There were four members that confirmed their attendance, so we will have to cancel tonight’s meeting.

Some team members have expressed their frustration with how long it’s taking to complete the plan.

I understand.

Please take a minute to consider the following options.

1) Stop meeting, send the plan as is to WACO for their approval.

2) Each team member pick the number one public comment you believe must be addressed before the plan is sent forward to WACO, address each others’ #1 comment, then send the plan to WACO for approval.

3) Continue to meet and proceed with the direction we chose in May.

We have to have a meeting with a quorum in order to move forward, regardless of the direction the majority that attend decide.

Let me know how you would like to proceed by the next meeting, 11/1/12.

Emerson Krueger
Matanuska-Susitna Borough




THURSDAY OCTOBER 4TH, 2012, 6:30-9 p.m.


1. Review meeting notes from May 3rd, 2012.

2. Public Comment Period (two-minutes per person).

3. Review public comment categories and reorganized comment table.

4. Public Comment Period (two-minutes per person).

5. Planning Team Member Comments – Things to specify in the Plan.

June Planning Team Meeting was Cancelled until October 4, 2012. WACO Meetings are also times to discuss progress on progress.

May 3, 2012 meeting: The team generally discussed the benefit of culling those team members that have missed a majority of the meetings since 2010 as well as the benefit of opening the team membership up to interested parties. A report will be generated listing team member attendance for discussion at the June meeting.

The following document is a document in progress with preliminary planning team responses to comments. All parties who had their email in the email list distributed by Emerson, can edit this document by logging on to Google Docs with their Google account (creating a Google account is a required alpha step)