Aparatus recieved in the last month

These 2 vehicles have just recently been recieved from near by fire departments that are updating their fleets.
Their final assignments have not yet been determined and they need to be fitted out with all the tools of a fire engine / pumper-tender.
Our new engine was aquired from Anchorage FD. It is a 1992 custom engine built by Emergency-One with all wheel drive capabilities. It carries 4 firefighters plus the driver/engineer. It has a 1500gpm Hale pump and 1000 gallon water tank.(click on image for full sized picture) The tender is a 1992 Spartan custom enclosed cab that is able to carry 5 fully equipped firefighters plus the driver/egineer. It's powered by a Detroit Diesel and an Allison automatic transmission. It has a midship 1250gpm Hale pump with an 800PSI high pressure pump for the hose reel. It carries 2000 gallon of water and has the capabilities of an attack engine or pumper-tender. This equipment was accuired from the Butte fire department.(click on image for full sized picture)