Willow Area Community Organization

Emails and more

WACO maintains an email list “members@waco-ak.org”. It works in the following way—

  • mail sent to the list is forwarded to everybody on the list. This is the way that reminders or emergency messages are sent out.
  • mail from the email list will show as From: members-bounces@waco-ak.org.
  • to get emails this way you must sign-up for the list (become a list member). You can resign any time you wish.
  • any list member may send an email to the list. All members will receive it (including the person that sent it; this assures you that your email was sent correctly).
  • if you reply to an email from the list it will be sent only to the member that sent the original email.
  • to keep up a running conversation on an email topic you should reply to the whole list, (Reply to All on some email programs) leaving the subject intact (the Re: addition is okay though).
The list is moderated. Anyone may join, you don’t have to live in or own property in Willow.
The WACO email list should be used for secular, non-partisan and non-commercial notices and/or announcements of interest/benefit to the Willow community. It should not be used for discussions or debates.

Should you have complaints about language or poor behavior, please let the Secretary know.

Contact any At Large representative or WACO board member to become a member of the list or email Send Mail Request

Click this link to view a PDF file that displays most of the Subject lines from emails that were distributed through the WACO Email List from March 2014 - July 2015. This list shows you the types of emails generally allowed on the WACO list.

The list is a service to the Willow Community. Opinions expressed or implied are those of the message sender and not those of WACO, Inc

Communications Committee
Secretary, WACO
Email: waco_secretary@waco-ak.org